Event Management Systems

Event Management Systems


 Catering Request are live with in EMS. 
University community is able to once again request catering Service from the Aramark Catering Team (Liz, Scott, Meg). 

Information Regarding Event Reservation Requests (Updated 8/23/21)

Welcome to the online web reservation Portal, "EMS". The Office of Conference & Event Management oversees all daily room reservations and maintains this portal for the campus community.

You may use this system to request and reserve campus spaces and resources. If a space you are looking to request does not show up for you within your reservation templates (Faculty/Staff Room request, Request a Vehicle, etc) please reach out to the Office of Conference & Event Management directly at ext.4202.

For any request related to an accredited academic class please reach out to the registrar’s office as they will handle any needs regarding spaces with accredited classes.

What is a everyday user? Find out Here 


  • How to use EMS walk through guides can be downloaded - Here.
  • How to Book a Space/Tent Walk Through video - Here
  • How to Book a Space that used Reoccurrences - Here
  • How to Assign a Delegate in EMS Walk Through - Here
  • How to Download and Log-on to EMS Mobile App video - Here
  • How to use the EMS Mobile App video- Here


Troubles accessing the system?

We recommend using the following compatible web browsers to access the EMS portal:

MacOS users – Safari, Opera, and Firefox.

Windows users – Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer. 

We do not recommend using Google Chrome or any web browser that has a Chrome-based backend, including Microsoft Edge.

If you have any questions, please contact Bartholomew Kallgren in the Office of Conference & Event Management (bkallgren@fairfield.edu) for assistance. (If possible, please take a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing to help with troubleshooting).


If you are having trouble logging into the system using Google Chrome, please try using Firefox, Safari (MacOS only) or internet Explorer (Windows 7,10 only) browsers.

The Chrome engine (the backbone that the chrome web browser and other google services are built upon) sometimes will accept the correct NetID and Password but not move past the log in page. That is why we recommend trying a different browser if something like this is occurring to you.

If you are still having issues logging on please reach out to Conference & Event Management at bkallgren@fairfield.edu.